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Can everyone be helped by surgery?
Surgery is only appropriate for a small subset of patients with spine problems who cannot be managed without surgery and where a risk/benefit analysis suggests that this particular patient should consider surgery.

Can anyone be helped by surgery?
Many people have been able to achieve pain relief and improved levels of functioning only through surgery. Dr. Choudhri believes that careful selection of patients who are likely to do well, identification of a patient-specific surgical plan and meticulous performance of the surgery are all important for a good outcome.

Is surgery 100% guaranteed?
No surgery has 100% success or 0% complications.  Dr. Choudhri will discuss your particular case with you and reasonable expectations for success and possible complications.

Is Dr. Choudhri a Neurosurgeon or Orthopaedic Surgeon?
Dr. Choudhri is a Board Certified Neurosurgeon who has completed a combined Orthopaedic/Neurosurgery Fellowship in Complex Spine Surgery at New York University Medical Center.  Dr. Choudhri runs a Spine Fellowship at MCG which has accepted both Neurosurgeons and Orthopaedic surgeons to train under him.  Dr. Choudhri also maintains strong ties with many Neurosurgical & Orthopaedic Spine Surgery colleagues around the country and around the world.

Do I need to be referred by a physician?
Patients DO NOT need to have a physician referral from our standpoint, however, some insurance plans make this requirement.  It is also helpful to communicate with a Primary Care Physician and to include him/her in the plan of care.

I don’t have an MRI/CT, can an appointment be made anyway?
Patients referred by a physician do not necessarily need to have imaging prior to an appointment although this will help in the determination of whether or not you can be helped by Dr. Choudhri.  Patients who are self referred AND who do not have imaging or a diagnosis from a referring physician are probably not ready for a tertiary spine evaluation.  Please call our office to discuss your case further.

I had surgery but didn’t get better/got worse/only improved for a short time.  Can I still be helped?
Dr. Choudhri has successfully taken care of many patients who have had prior spine surgery (1, 2, 5, 10 and MORE prior surgeries).  Sometimes a fresh perspective will allow for identification of a reason why surgery has failed in the past and what may be done differently.  Some problems are created by surgery and require additional surgery to treat them.  Some problems cannot be solved with surgery and revision surgery should only be considered when it appears likely that a better outcome can be anticipated.  Each patient must be considered as an individual and a careful assessment made of the risks, benefits and alternatives to more surgery.  Having said this, many patients have been successfully treated after prior failure.

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